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Doing Epic Work in Less-Than-Epic Places

  • GIANT Conference 37 John St Charleston, SC 29403 USA (map)

This keynote is designed to help you during a very specific moment in your near future. This moment:
You’re back in the office for the first time since attending the GIANT Conference. You’re overloaded with intellectual momentum, inspired by all the exciting things you heard in Charleston and the fascinating peers you talked to. You stare at your jam-packed inbox, but you can’t seem to focus on any of the messages. The silly grin that’s been stretched across your face all morning fades, your cheeks relax. And you think to yourself: Amazing people are doing amazing things ... but not here.

What you’re going to need at that moment will not come from some Tony Robbins/Dr. Phil type motivational speech. Instead, seasoned UX consultant Dan Willis will explore five specific tactics for doing epic work despite in whose offices you might be sitting as post-conference ennui crashes over you.