Cranky Talk Workshop for New Speakers

EightShapes co-founder Dan Brown presenting at the first Cranky Talk workshop.

EightShapes co-founder Dan Brown presenting at the first Cranky Talk workshop.

Cranky Talk is an intense, day-long workshop for people intent on being exceptional public speakers. Sessions are held only occasionally, basically whenever the organizers find the time and a venue and can muster the necessary energy. Workshops have taken place in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Dallas and L.A. (we were also included in the SXSW program for a couple of years.)

Cranky Talk faculty and participants have spoken locally, nationally and internationally at South by Southwest, the IA Summit, EuroIA, UX Australia, An Event Apart, Confab, WebVisions, and various Interaction Design Association and User Experience Professionals Association events.

Some comments from Cranky Talk participants:

"Nowhere else are you going to get honest, open feedback and have so much fun connecting with other people." 

- Jenny Sun, User Experience Principal at SunSilvestri

"The faculty were well prepared and inspiring. The exercises they provided were informative and engaging."

- Jessica Ivins, Instructor, Center Centre

"I came to Cranky Talk looking for some tips to improve my stage presence, but I got way more out of the workshop than I ever expected. It's a full, exhausting day that left me with a great to-do list to continue improving my speaking skills, all in a really supportive environment."

- Laura Creekmore, President, Creek Content

"I walked out with a much clearer view of how presentations really get done, and that clearer perspective boosted my confidence."

- David Panarelli Experience Lead, Panarelli Consulting, LLC

"One of my favorite aspects of the workshop is the feeling that it was OK to fail when it was my turn to present in front of the others."

- Brad Nunnally, Experience Solution Architect, Perficient

"The best part of the Cranky Talk Workshop was being filled with fear, standing in front of a bunch of people I just met, and then realizing that everyone in the room was sincerely on my side."

- Dennis Kardys, Director, WSOL

"The greatest thing about the Cranky Talk work for me was the fast paced, hands-on approach. Right out of the gate we we're putting our public speaking skills to the test."

- Dan Shipton, CEO, Change

"The coolest thing about Cranky Talk is learning something and putting it to use right away. Not just during the workshop, but later that night, the next day, that weekend. The ideas and lessons stick with you."

- Amanda Morrow, Designer, Change

"I was skeptical that a lot of ground could be covered in one day, but the Faculty did a fantastic job of conveying their curriculum and crafting just the right information for a full day."

- Jason Wishard, Design Lead, Resonate

If you're interested in applying for the next workshop, send us your contact information and we'll let you know what's going on as soon as we know.

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