What people say about me

"Dan brings genuine passion and enthusiasm to his work. He wants to make change happen because he believes companies can do better for their customers. If you need to deliver a better user experience, Dan is the guy who will make that happen."

- Karen McGrane

CEO, Bond Art + Science and author, Content Strategy for Mobile

"The first thing that strikes you about Dan is his energy and the way he brings a sense of purpose to a room. So much so, that you won't immediately notice the really important thing, which is that Dan cares - about doing great work and about helping the people he works with."

- Giles Colborne

Managing Director, cxpartners and author of Simple and Usable

"In an age of clip-art and cookie-cutter design, Dan Willis stands out as a true renaissance man. As an artist, his ability to communicate visually is extraordinary. As a thought leader, for over a decade his influence has been felt by companies around the world. And as a problem-solver, Dan knows how to generate conversions that positively affect the bottom line."

- Eric Reiss

Chairman and CEO, The FatDUX Group

"Dan Willis is a rare breed. He is interesting, engaging and entertaining, but best of all - he is brilliant. I always learn something from him and I usually get to laugh while doing it."

- Emily Van Norden

Senior Manager, Global Marketing, Sapient

"Never one to mince words, Dan is an outspoken visionary who helps people and teams address the elephant in the room."

- Angel Anderson

VP / Experience Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

"Dan lives at a rare intersection between the restless idealism that drives great design and the pragmatism you need in order to work successfully with enterprise clients."

- Adam Polansky

UX Strategist, Bottle Rocket

"Dan is a one-of-a-kind, passionate, outside-the-box thinker who brings a true sense of professionalism to the job."

- Drew Engelson

Chief Architect, Web and Mobile, Celerity

"Dan has a need to do and be better when he already is doing and being better than the rest of us. The difference is that Dan wants us to do and be better with him, if not beyond him."

- Russ Unger

Experience Design Director, GE Capital Americas

"Dan is a talented and experienced UX professional. His skills with information design, usability, and visual design are an incredible asset to any project."

- Matt Holmes

Lead Developer, SimpleTuition

"I found Dan to be one of the smartest people I've worked with -- smart within his discipline of user experience, to be sure, but also smart about new media strategy and the dynamics of the workplace in general."

- Mary Kadera

Principal, Kadera Consulting