Building a Digital Product Design System


Digital Product Development


American Society of Civil Engineers


System designer, Web designer, traffic analyst


The association had rolled out a comprehensive redesign, but the Web team still followed a services approach for updating content and features. Demand overloaded the team's limited resources and the piecemeal assignments made strategic product development impossible. 


I borrowed elements of Agile and iterative development to construct a user-focused design system. It expressed work units as user stories and included both story grooming and a feature backlog. I converted existing work orders into user stories and trained staff to create their own.

I created diagrams and other materials to help staff explain the system to the rest of the organization. I designed and ran a workshop for the team to improve their facilitation skills and thus improve the quality of requests submitted for consideration.

To jumpstart product development, I identified key performance indicators and programmed Google Analytics to report them. I also analyzed traffic since the redesign and delivered an easily digested report that included recommendations and data visualizations.