Enterprise Storytellers' Session

You raged against the machine and lived to tell the tale.

For days or months or years, you’ve regaled your co-workers and other patrons of the local dive bar with your stories of solving the big, fat and hairy problems unique to enterprise UX work. Now is your chance to enchant a much larger audience.

The Enterprise UX 2015 Conference is looking for storytellers: people who can skillfully bring to life their past adventures addressing the needs of their organizations’ internal users. We are looking for three kinds of stories:

  1. Tales of Horror: You took on the unique challenges of enterprise UX … and failed! Tales of Horror should be about a specific project or effort and there must be a clear moral to the story.
  2. Rants: We want to hear your frothing, emotional tirade. To get a slot on the program you’ll have to clearly describe the catalyst for your outburst, stay relevant to enterprise UX issues, and skillfully connect your experiences to the common experiences of our audience.
  3. Great Ideas: You’ve got it nailed. If only the world would listen to your precise definition of an enterprise UX problem and your genius solution to it, the angels would sing and there would be lasting peace in the Middle East.