Making Sophisticated Systems Seem Simple


Web App Redesign


A car manufacturer


Information architect, facilitator


The car company's significant investment to provide remote access to their automobiles via mobile devices put the company's U.S. managers in a difficult spot. They were stuck between an ill-fitting native app developed for the European market and an underperforming Web app available to U.S. customers. 


I analyzed competitors' remote access products and evaluated the company's existing native and Web apps. Working ahead of visual designers, I created responsive screens for two versions of the app, one for gas-powered cars and another for electric. I focused on simplifying for users the functions of sophisticated systems (geo-fences, speed alerts, battery charging, etc.)

I reviewed and revised wireframes with design, development and client leads on a daily basis. At the end of each major sprint, I facilitated marathon discussions with the client at their headquarters in Detroit. As a group, we reviewed design solutions and analyzed both existing and potential issues. I provided training for the client's staff as needed.